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Our services

We often receive requests to handle "impossible" cargo that ordinary carriers are unable to deal with. Not only the size can be unusual, the pick-up spot and the destination can also be odd to say at the least. These are situations we are used to see in advance and to prepare solutions for.


It's all a matter of safety, care and punctuality - the criteria from which we create the solutions no matter what the time demands or the given geographical locations are. As long as there's even the slightest possibility we can arrange it.


We remain at your entire disposition for a closer examination of needs and experiences and look forward to developing business together with you.


Our services may include but are not limited to, the following:

  • Land transportation, road and rail
  • Air freight transportation
  • Ocean freight transportation
  • Chartering of ship and aircrafts 
  • Customs processing (electronic)
  • Heavy Lift & Overdimensionel cargo
  • Route Surveys & Site Inspections
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Transport Consultancy
  • Project handling

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